e cigarette makers will be hoping for a healthy boost when they launch the first e cigarette in New Zealand on Tuesday, with many of them predicting an early success.

Key points:The Auckland e cigarette maker says it’s the first in New England to be approved for sale in the stateThe e cigarette is expected to generate more than $2 million in sales for the city-stateIt is expected e-cigarettes will generate $1.6 billion for the region in 2020It will also be the first company to enter the market in the New England market since a ban on sales in 2009The company that is expected launch the Auckland e-cigarette in the capital city is the first of many to make New Zealand their first market, after the state’s Tobacco Act was repealed.

Key Points:The company is aiming to generate $2.2 million for the state in 2020The Auckland-based e-cig company will be one of the first companies to enter a New England cigarette market since the Tobacco Actwas repealedIn November, the New Zealand Government approved the sale of e-cigs to adults aged 18 and over.

At the time, the Government said the e-juice had been proven to reduce smoking, and was safer than traditional cigarettes.

The Government said it was confident the new product was safe for adults to use, but it also made clear that the regulations governing the products were still in place.

“New Zealand is home to more than 1.3 million people and our existing laws still prohibit the sale and use of e cigarettes, but the e cigarette industry has been given the green light to begin selling in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and many other US states and cities,” Health Minister Andrew Drury said in November.

“This will help to increase sales of e cigarette products in New Zeland and encourage New Zealanders to start using them.”

The e-liquid used in the Auckland-made product has already been approved by the Health Department, but its marketing has not yet begun.

It’s estimated the Auckland brand will generate more $2,000 in sales this year, while the Auckland vape brand could be worth up to $1 million.

“We are delighted to be launching the Auckland E-cigarette at Auckland Airport and will be welcoming the Auckland market in 2020,” said Auckland’s CEO, Andy McBride.

“I believe this is a fantastic opportunity for Auckland and New Zealand to be able to build on the strong growth we’ve experienced over the last three years.”

E-cigarettes have long been popular in New South Wales, but have been banned in the mainland since 2009.

The Auckland brand was approved by Health Minister Dr Murray McCully, and is expected later this month to start sales in Auckland.

The first e-dolls will be made in New Bedford, New South Worts, in April, with the Auckland company expected to launch in Melbourne in early 2019.

The company also plans to launch a second Auckland e cig in the future.

The ejuice used in Auckland’s Auckland-built product has been approved and is being used by the New South Welsh Government to promote e-smoking.

“The Auckland vape will be ready for the Auckland Airport, and will begin sales in 2018,” the Auckland’s marketing team said.

The new Auckland e cigarettes will be sold in New Auckland and other places in the region.

“As Auckland becomes the first New Zealand city to sell e-tobacco, we hope to continue to expand and enhance the Auckland and NZ e-smokers experience,” Auckland’s Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, David Gidley, said in a statement.

“E-smoking will be a key part of our business model and our customers will be able enjoy the convenience of vaping on the go.”

Auckland Mayor Lianne Dalziel said e-colas were a great way to help reduce smoking in the city.

“It’s good news for Auckland.

It’s good for the economy.

It makes us a great place to live and work, it’s good business for us, it makes us one of New Zealand’s most vibrant and vibrant cities, and we’re really looking forward to a very positive year,” she said.

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