It may not be the cheapest e, but a new e-cig manufacturer in Australia is offering an affordable alternative to traditional cigarettes that offers a healthier alternative to smoking.

The new e cigarette company, e cig, has just announced that it has just launched its first batch of 50 flavours for $26, which include two e-juice cartridges for $15 and two e cigarette packs for $12. 

The new e cig brand, E-Cig, has a similar design to the popular e cigs like the e-cigs that come with the popular brands like Vapourizer, but with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. 

E-Cigs are still a niche product and the majority of smokers don’t have access to a vaping device, but they are becoming more popular, particularly among millennials, who are the fastest growing generation in the US. 

According to a recent report by the Tobacco Free Kids Campaign, the American public is expected to purchase an average of 4.6 e-liquids per day and consume 3.3 million e-liquid products in 2018. 

These e-Liquids are not only safer for the environment, but also have the added benefits of offering more choices in nicotine, which can help smokers quit. 

However, many people are worried about e-CIG’s pricing, especially if the company’s product is already available on the market. 

“The only way to know whether or not this e cig is actually worth it is to try it,” said Dr. Peter McNamee, CEO of e cig. 

Dr. McNameer said that people who are new to e cig can easily go to e-cola stores, which usually have cheaper prices than e cig stores, to try out the new e cigarettes. 

Although, e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, e cigarettes still dominate the market with about 20% of the market in 2018 according to research by the International Trade Union Confederation. 

This is because e-Bikes, which are not designed for smokers, are less harmful than traditional cigarettes and the e cig offers a more healthful alternative to nicotine. 

One of the main reasons for the success of e cigarette brands is that they are a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are not a new product. 

There have been e-smoking devices since the 1980s, but there has not been a product that is actually as good at killing your lungs as a traditional cigarette.

Dr. Michael Kinsley, director of the American Lung Association, said that while traditional cigarettes were considered to be among the most dangerous substances in the world, e Cigarettes are the safest ones because they don’t burn tobacco and are less likely to cause cancer. 

For a healthier way to smoke than cigarettes, ecigarettes should be part of the conversation.

“If you don’t want to smoke cigarettes, you should be using an e-dance to help you get the nicotine,” Dr. Kinsdale said. 

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