Red e-cigarette sales are expected to surge to $1.6 billion by 2019, according to a new report from market research firm eMarketer.

E-cigarettes, which are similar to cigarettes, contain nicotine, propylene glycol and flavorings.

They’re currently available for sale in states where smoking is legal, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned their sale in December.

A number of states, including Washington, have laws requiring e-cig sales to be done through online or brick-and-mortar outlets, but it’s unclear how many retailers have signed on.

“E-cigarettes are poised to be a massive revenue driver for a variety of businesses,” said Mark Karpeles, chief executive of eMarketers, in a statement.

“This report reinforces our belief that the rapid growth in the e-liquid market will make e-cigs a key player in the U, and is expected to drive a robust overall growth in sales.”

While there are many different types of e-liquids, the biggest e-juice brands are the “regular” e-capsules that contain nicotine and contain flavorings, as well as the “Vape Juice” or “Liquid Flavor” ejuice.

“Vaping is becoming more mainstream, and with that comes a lot of opportunities for e-vapers to expand their business,” said Alexi Olesen, eMarkets chief digital officer.

Some retailers have been quick to launch e-smoking stores, offering deals on a variety e-products.

According to eMarkers, e-bakery giant Foodland has more than 50 stores with e-fitness products, including a wide range of juice, flavors and nicotine-free e-mills.

There are also e-toys and e-card games.

“A few years ago, the traditional e-shop model was the last thing on the minds of most e-commerce shoppers,” said Karpelsons report.

“Today, they’re more focused on the ecommerce e-marketplaces.”

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