Smoking e cigarettes is becoming increasingly popular among people across the world, as the e cigarette market has exploded.

The Irish Daily Mail has learned that the world’s leading e cigarette company, RJ Reynolds, is selling e cigarette vapor to the highest e-cigarette companies in the world.

The Irish Daily News has contacted RJ Reynolds for comment but has yet to receive a response.

In the last week, it has emerged that a large number of companies are offering a range of e cigarette products that include vaporisers, e-liquid, accessories and even e-liquids.

The latest revelations come as the European Commission is preparing to issue a directive on the sale of e-cigarettes to EU member states in an attempt to tackle the growing use of e cigarettes.

The European Commission has already started drafting a directive that aims to address the growing demand for e-cigarette products.

A new report by the European Parliament has suggested that there are a significant number of e cig brands in use by people in the EU and around the world and it is now being prepared to introduce the directive.

The report says the current regulation does not provide enough information for the commission to know which products are legal and which are not.

The commission is expected to release its decision in September.

The EU has been forced to ban e-cigs from EU markets as part of its Tobacco Products Directive last year.

The directive has come under pressure from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) which is currently examining e-battery batteries for use in vaping devices.

Last month, EMA chief executive Gilles de Kerchove warned that e-vapor batteries are being used for “e-cigarette and vaping products that have been shown to be harmful to human health, the environment and public health”.

“We need to get to grips with this as soon as possible,” he said.

“We will take action if we have to.”

The EMA is currently investigating whether or not e-products contain tobacco.

Earlier this month, the EU Commission proposed to extend the ban on tobacco products to include e-smokes.

In February, the European Union Tobacco Products Regulation (ETSPR) was launched, which aims to ensure that the EU tobacco market remains free of harmful e-nicotine products.

The new ETSPR directive also includes a number of new provisions for the EU market.

The main aim of the directive is to “address the emergence of e smoking and e cigarette brands, products and markets, in particular those that have a significant proportion of e‐cigarette users in Europe and around Europe, and are being sold in the European market.”

A new “tobacco product regulation” will also be introduced.

The directive will set out how EU tobacco products can be regulated and which products and brands will be regulated.

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