e cigarette sales were down by almost one-third in the US last year as more people started to realize the risks of vaping.

But as the trend towards electronic cigarettes gained momentum, so too did the number of smokers, according to a report from the American Lung Association. 

In 2017, about 14 million Americans smoked e cigarettes, the report found, with nearly half of those being between the ages of 18 and 24.

By 2030, e-cigarette sales could reach more than 25 million annually, according the American Cancer Society. 

“The demand for e-cigarettes has grown exponentially and there’s now a very big market for these products,” said Sarah Mays, the association’s chief medical officer. 

She said the rapid increase in sales was due in part to people who felt they had no choice but to quit smoking due to the potential health risks of e-cigs.

“We know that the more we’re able to educate consumers on the risks associated with e-liquids, the more people will come to see them as an alternative to tobacco,” Mays said.

It’s also the people who are vaping who are switching to e-liquid, and that’s a great thing. “

It’s not just the consumers.

It’s also the people who are vaping who are switching to e-liquid, and that’s a great thing.

We’ve seen that with tobacco use, where it’s become a gateway to tobacco use.”

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