In an effort to get around restrictions on tobacco products, electronic cigarettes are being sold in Thailand.

They’re also the hottest trend in the country.

The Thai government has imposed a ban on selling tobacco products in public spaces, and the country’s National Public Health Department announced last month that it would ban e-cigarette use in schools and kindergartens.

The ban has been lifted in the past few days, but many businesses remain closed, according to the Bangkok Post.

The bans have led to a huge influx of smokers in the capital, Bangkok, according a Reuters report.

Thailand’s government says it has seen an increase in cigarette use since the ban.

However, some of the tobacco products being sold include electronic cigarettes, according the report.

The ban on electronic cigarettes has led to an influx of new smokers in Bangkok, Reuters reported.

Smokers are trying to avoid the new laws by vaping, and many have been using e-cigs in public places.

A few months ago, the government announced that e-cig manufacturers would have to produce 20 percent less of the nicotine content per unit than conventional cigarettes.

However the ban on e-juices has not gone into effect yet, according Reuters.

A large number of Thai men are trying the electronic cigarettes.

The Thai government is worried about the spread of tobacco use in Thailand, Reuters said.

A report from the World Health Organization estimates that more than 40 million people worldwide have tried electronic cigarettes since the mid-1990s.

The use of e-Cigs has skyrocketed since the government banned the products in 2015.

The e- cigarettes are popular in Thailand because of the high cost and the nicotine-rich flavor, according ABC News.

A recent survey found that the government’s ban on the products has been a success.

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