If you’re not already one of the millions of people who’s smoked one, then you’ve probably heard the term “cigar” used a lot in the last few years.

In the past, there were various forms of tobacco, including cigars, but most recently it’s been used to describe electronic cigarettes.

These are devices that use electronic components and a battery to deliver nicotine to your lips and throat, which are then inhaled.

It’s the same principle that tobacco users inhale, but instead of tobacco smoke, the e-cigarettes deliver nicotine.

The first e-cig prototype, the Vapewild e-Liquids, were released in January 2015.

However, they didn’t go on sale until February 2017, just over a year after the device’s release.

Now, researchers at the University of Michigan and the University at Buffalo have come up with a new way to make an e-liquid, which they call “liquid nicotine.”

The idea is to make a liquid nicotine by mixing a battery and some other components with tobacco, which is then vaporized in a water-based solution.

The result is a liquid that contains nicotine and no tobacco.

The new design has been described in Scientific Reports.

The researchers said they created the liquid nicotine using “in-situ synthesis,” which is an advanced method of manufacturing that allows a material to be produced at very low temperatures using only one or two chemicals.

“Our method is able to generate the liquid by heating water, which then dissolves the material in the solution, thereby releasing a large amount of energy,” said Dr. M. T. Singh, one of those involved in the research.

“The heat energy generated is then converted into mechanical energy to drive the flow of liquid nicotine through the vaporizer,” he added.

This process also produces an extremely smooth and stable liquid, which means that it’s not as sticky as a traditional tobacco product.

“Liquid nicotine is highly combustible and is much less likely to ignite when exposed to a wide variety of temperature and humidity conditions,” Singh said.

“It can be used in a wide range of vaping styles, from e-liquids that deliver nicotine through a vaporizer, to tobacco products that deliver the nicotine directly to your throat and lungs.”

According to Singh, liquid nicotine is still very much in its early stages, so the team is working to refine the process and make it more robust.

However if you’re interested in trying it yourself, there are already some products on the market.

According to the University’s website, the team created liquid nicotine “based on the process that has been used for the production of nicotine-containing liquids, such as nicotine gum and gum syrup.”

In addition, the researchers created the product using “an environmentally friendly and high-temperature process.”

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