The number of professional footballers who have taken up the habit of using e-cigarette products has exploded in recent years, with Premier League players, Premier League sides and other major teams using them at the highest level.

Some experts are concerned that the technology could pose a threat to public health and the environment, but other experts say the technology is a great way for footballers to stay in the game.

In fact, research by the British Lung Foundation (BLF) suggests that the amount of e -cigarette smoke produced by footballers is almost equal to that produced by their own lungs.

What is e-cigs?

E-cigarettes are tiny plastic devices that contain nicotine, carbon dioxide and a battery.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, they contain no tobacco.

They are usually made of plastic, but are sometimes made from rubber, ceramic or wood.

In the UK, they are regulated as a tobacco product, but some clubs are using them as an alternative to cigarettes.

What do they look like?

E -cigarettes contain an electronic cartridge that contains a battery, a heating element, a battery charger and a heating tip.

The cartridge is held together with metal screws, and the heating element heats up a coil of battery-powered plastic.

The device is then inserted into the user’s mouth and inhaled.

When the user inhales, the heating coil heats up the e-liquid, releasing the nicotine and carbon dioxide.

The user then exhales, and there is a puff of air.

The e-cig technology has been around for decades, and it is used by many people who are addicted to nicotine, but there are currently no proven scientific links between it and the development of cancer.

However, some scientists are concerned about the technology, and have suggested that e-liquids might contain carcinogens and may increase the risk of cancer in the long term.

How many people are using e -cigarettes?

In the United States, the number of e cigarette users has tripled in the past five years.

The number has also increased dramatically in the UK.

Last year, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) reported that 2.3 million Americans used e-colas at least once a month.

This equates to nearly 6.6 million adults in the US.

The UK is the biggest market for e-products, with more than 8 million people using e cigarettes.

According to a study by the UK Tobacco Harm Reduction Campaign (UKTTC), e-Cigarette use is increasing at a rate of more than 25% a year.

This is despite the fact that the average e-vapor product lasts about a month on average.

The study also found that, while some people use e-e-cigarettes to quit smoking, the majority of people who smoke do so because they are addicted.

In a survey conducted by the Tobacco Free UK campaign, the average person said that e -cigs make them feel more relaxed and more positive.

The campaign argues that e cigarettes are a way for people to get off the drug of tobacco addiction.

What are the risks of e cigarettes?

Some of the risks associated with using e cigarette products include: They can cause severe asthma and other respiratory problems if inhaled in excess of recommended daily dose

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