AUSTIN, Texas — A U.K. lawmaker and a U.N. ambassador are urging the U.A.E. and other countries to ban the sale of e-cigarettes as part of a global campaign to curb the spread of tobacco use.

U.S., U.NA, EU and some African nations have all introduced measures to ban or restrict the sale and use of electronic cigarettes.

The U.KS. and Portugal have also introduced similar proposals, while some countries have made it clear they will be more lenient in the coming months.

“I think this is the moment to act,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a recent interview with the BBC.

“It’s been very, very hard for tobacco to change and it’s going to be even harder for electronic cigarettes to change.

There is no reason for this to happen.

It’s the wrong time to do this.”

The U.-based Tobacco Products Council says it is working with U.C.I. and U.U.-Nations to create a global ban on the sale, production and use by all adults of any electronic cigarette and to require that any device containing an electronic cigarette must be marked with a health warning.

In a statement to CBS News, U.

Co. said it is “not aware of any other international efforts to introduce e-cigarette regulation into any country.”

A UCo spokesman said the council has been working with the governments of the UCO Group of Companies, the UCo Group, UCO Ltd., UCo Ltd.

UK and UCO, but he declined to provide further details.

At the heart of the debate is a growing awareness that electronic cigarettes are a more convenient and safer way to smoke tobacco than traditional cigarettes, and a growing recognition that e-cigs have the potential to help curb smoking rates among some smokers.

A number of U.P. countries, including Britain, have introduced measures requiring that e.cigs must be registered and taxed, but a UCo spokeswoman said that would be a “temporary measure” until the UCA gets a response from the UNA.

The UNA also has indicated that it would consider such measures if the UCAs response was “not positive.”

U.N.-affiliated governments have also taken steps to regulate the sale.

Last year, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution banning e-cig sales in some African countries and in many of the world’s poorest nations, including the UA, South Africa, China, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the UAE, and the United Arab Emirates.

The council is expected to discuss the new measures and the growing concerns about e-smoking and the risks they pose in coming weeks.

Last year, at the same time that the UB and UCo were working on the new resolutions, the governments in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and Uruguay also moved to ban e-tobacco in their countries.

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