E-cigarettes have been around for a few years now, but they’ve become something of a hit among young people looking for a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

And, for good reason: they are cheap and easy to use.

But they’re also becoming a major source of concern for health regulators, who are worried about how they could be abused by people with a history of mental health issues.

And for that reason, the e-cigarette industry has been hard at work trying to develop its own technology.

But now, it’s getting ready to launch its first device that can be inhaled via a vapor cartridge and is designed to be a gateway to a nicotine-free nicotine replacement product.

Called the Delta E Cigarette, the device is a vaporizer that can deliver a dose of nicotine to a user, but it also uses a cartridge to inhale nicotine and exhale a second dose.

It’s currently being tested in clinical trials in Australia, Germany, and the U.K. The company says that the device will be available to consumers in 2020.

It has already started shipping the first batch of the device to retailers and health care facilities.

The first device The Delta E cigarette is not designed for smoking, but that’s exactly what the company is aiming for.

It uses an e-liquid to deliver nicotine to the user, which then is inhaled through a mouthpiece.

The e-juice in the Delta is made of propylene glycol, which is an artificial sweetener, and is also chemically similar to a regular sugar.

It contains nicotine, but not the carcinogenic substances that make cigarette smoke harmful to people with lung cancer.

And it is not a smokeless alternative, meaning that it does not emit carbon monoxide and is therefore not considered a tobacco product.

But the Delta isn’t just designed for the ejuice.

Instead, it is designed specifically for the vaping process.

The Delta has been developed with the goal of providing a vapor that is safe and comfortable for the user.

And this is where the Delta’s innovation really shines.

The device uses an electronic heating element called a heat-dissipator to deliver a small amount of nicotine directly to the tip of the user’s tongue, rather than exhaling through a cartridge.

This is where Delta claims the Delta can be used by people who are addicted to nicotine and are seeking a healthier way to use nicotine.

The heating element is attached to a small, flexible piece of plastic called a clip.

A small amount (one milligram) of the heating element’s energy is transferred to the clip, which can then be inserted into the mouthpiece, which holds the heating unit in place.

When the user presses down on the tip, the heating coil on the device heats up, and that heats up the device enough that the tip can be heated.

When that happens, the user inhales the vapor from the cartridge into their mouth, and as the vapor travels through the mouth, it heats up a tiny amount of the liquid.

This heating element creates a small dose of vapor, which goes straight into the user for a second inhalation.

The vapor travels to the lungs, where it is absorbed by the body.

But because the heating elements are not heated to a point where they burn, the delta vaporizer can be vaporized and used to produce a more concentrated dose of the drug.

Delta says the device has been tested by a small number of users, and it has been successful in reducing the risk of addiction and nicotine dependence.

The devices are available in three flavors, and Delta claims that these flavors will have a wide range of effects.

The third flavor, the Delta Red, is made from 100 percent propylene, a type of plastic used in food packaging, and contains about one milligrams of nicotine per cartridge.

Delta claims it can be delivered in as little as one third of the energy required for a traditional cigarette.

This makes the Delta a much safer alternative to cigarettes, and because it is less toxic than traditional cigarettes, it also is much cheaper.

Delta’s device is currently only available to retailers.

It also is available only through online retailers, but this could change over time.

The second product Delta says is going to be more of a gateway product for its other products.

Delta hopes to bring these other products to market over the coming years, and to do so, it will have to develop a system for shipping the products, which it is working on.

And the company has been working with some of the world’s leading vaping companies, including Big Tobacco, to develop this system.

These companies are currently working with Delta to get the e Cigarette to market, and eventually, the product will be distributed by retailers.

As the company sees it, Delta is already in the right place to bring this product to market.

It is not just the e cigarette that Delta is focusing on.

It says that other e-cigarettes will be coming soon and that it will be launching new

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