e cigarette is a brand name for a class of cigarettes, which are used to treat respiratory diseases like COPD and other respiratory ailments.

While the name is somewhat confusing, the company claims it is a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes and has been shown to help people quit smoking cigarettes.

But e cigarette products are unregulated, and there are few studies showing how they actually help smokers quit.

e cigarette smokers, however, are finding that they’re using e cigs more often than ever, and in some cases, it’s not helping at all.

For some, e cig use is a gateway to smoking, while for others, it can be an effective alternative.

Here are some of the biggest e cig smoking myths, and how e cig usage has changed in the last year.

e cig smokers aren’t getting more nicotine, or using more e cig liquids than other smokers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average nicotine intake per cigarette smoker was 4.2 mg of nicotine per pack in 2011.

In contrast, a 2013 study found that smokers who used e cig’s most commonly, the 2% e cig e-liquid, consumed between 11 and 15 times the amount of nicotine found in a pack of cigarettes.

The new e cig trend may be taking off, but the data hasn’t shown that the trend is leading to a significant increase in cigarette smoking.

e cigarettes aren’t making people quit, but are just helping them quit, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Colorado in Boulder surveyed more than 2,000 Americans between October 2013 and March 2014, and found that nearly two-thirds of respondents said they use e cig products to help quit smoking.

That means almost two-fifths of smokers surveyed said they’d quit if they were offered the option of using e cigarettes to help them quit smoking and stop smoking cigarettes altogether.

But, even if you do decide to try an e cig product, don’t be surprised to find that you can find more nicotine in other ways, too.

In fact, the majority of e cig users surveyed also reported using other forms of tobacco, such as chewing tobacco, snuff, cigar or pipe tobacco, gum, and gum.

A study from the University at Buffalo also found that e cig consumers have used more tobacco products and consumed more of those products in general.

While most people say they’re happy to see a switch in smoking patterns from traditional cigarettes to e cig, some experts are skeptical about how effective the switch will be.

“E cig smokers are not switching to quit smoking, and that is not a good sign,” said Dr. David Kessler, a professor of tobacco control at the Yale School of Medicine.

“Even if e cig is as safe as most other products, it doesn’t seem to be making them quit.

It doesn’t help people who are trying to quit, and it’s just not making them go to the other direction.”

E cig users don’t seem as likely to get addicted to e-cigarette liquids, according a 2013 CDC study.

In an analysis of the latest data from the Centers of Disease Control, researchers found that among adult smokers who reported using e-cigarettes to help reduce their nicotine intake, more than half said they tried at least one liquid before they decided to quit.

In comparison, about half of adult users who reported trying other types of tobacco liquids did not try e cig before they quit.

Still, many e cig and nicotine experts believe that the new e cigarette trend will have a positive impact on smoking rates.

“I think that e-cigs are a great thing for smokers, but I think that the more we know about e-cig usage and the health effects of e-liquids, the better it will be for tobacco control,” Kessler said.

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