A bill that would regulate e‐cigarettes in New Zealand is currently under consideration by the country’s parliament, which will vote on the proposal on Wednesday.

The bill would ban the sale of e-cigarette products that contain nicotine and other substances deemed to be harmful.

Currently, e-cigs are available to buy from a number of online shops, but they are typically expensive.

The government says that they are not harmful, but there have been reports of people suffering from respiratory problems and even death after using them.

A poll conducted by the NZ Medical Association found that 70% of New Zealanders would support a ban on e-cig sales.

This legislation is a far cry from the UK, where e-tobacco products are already banned under the Tobacco Products Act and the UK government has also been campaigning for a ban.

The UK government believes that e-liquids pose a health risk to smokers and has introduced the e-vaporisation device in response to concerns.

The proposed legislation, however, is not about tobacco control.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said that the legislation will not only ban the illegal sale of tobacco products, but will also help reduce the number of people who use e-colas.

“We are taking a very cautious approach in terms of introducing legislation,” Minister for Health Jonathan Coleman said in a press conference.

Coleman told reporters that e‐cigs should be regulated according to the UK Tobacco Products Regulations and that they should not be marketed as a replacement for smoking.

However, this legislation would not just target e-smokers.

The legislation would also ban any retailer from selling e-liquid containing nicotine to anyone who has not obtained a nicotine warning label from their health insurance company.

The minister also told reporters: “We want to make sure that we get that message across that the health and safety of New Yorkers is not at risk.”

New Zealand is not the only country to introduce e-e-cigarettes legislation.

The European Union recently introduced a new regulation that bans e- cigarettes in certain EU countries, including the UK and France.

However, it does not apply to e-wigs.

New legislation is currently being considered in the US.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said that he will introduce a law banning e-flares, which are a form of e cigarette that contain the vapor from a burning cigarette.

Cuomo told reporters in June that e cigarette sales would not be banned in New York.

Earlier this year, the UK banned e-smoking in restaurants, bars, cafes and other public spaces.

The move was part of a wider effort to tackle the use of e‐cigarette vapour as a nicotine replacement.

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