The following is a story by The Sport Baptist, a nonprofit that is devoted to informing Christians about biblical issues.

A lawsuit that alleged a California cigarette manufacturer is liable for the cancer-causing effects of a cigarette allegedly made by a company that is owned by a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been thrown out by a judge in California.

In the case, the Church, which is a member state of the U.S., has argued that it has been using its official name to market cigarettes, and that the names of the company and the products that are sold under those names infringe on its trademark.

The Church of the Firstborn, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a major church in the LDS Church, whose followers believe Jesus Christ is the Christ and that He came to earth as the Son of God and that His resurrected body is called the Savior.

A judge in the Northern California city of Santa Barbara ruled in April that the Church could not use its official names and trademarks to sell cigarettes.

The case was originally filed by the California chapter of the American Cancer Society, which sued the company.

It is unclear what the outcome of the case will be.

The lawsuit filed by attorneys for the Church said the lawsuit was “an attempt to usurp the power of the church and to deprive the church of its trademark and copyrights to a product that is in direct conflict with the church’s official doctrine.”

A federal court in California also ruled last year that the U,S.

Patent and Trademark Office had no jurisdiction over the church, which owns several trademarks and owns the names and designs of products sold under its official trademark, which it uses for its tobacco products.

The Church of Latter Day Saints says the trademark covers all of its products.

The church said in a statement to The Associated Press last year it had no intention of selling the cigarette, saying it is not an official Church product.

The suit was filed by attorney John C. Smith, who represents the American Tobacco Company, and the attorney for the tobacco company, William R. Miller, who represented the Mormon Church.

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