e cigarette store owners say they will soon be able to sell e-cigarettes to the public.

The e-cigarette industry is set to double in size in just five years to over 1.6 million outlets, with sales expected to soar to around £500million by 2020.

E-cigarettes are devices that deliver nicotine through vapor and inhale nicotine liquid.

The government has committed to introducing mandatory nicotine testing for all e-cig users, and e-cigs will also be banned from smoking in pubs and clubs.

More than 40 per cent of the UK’s e-liquids are imported from China.

Dr Mark Hickey, a lecturer at Birmingham City University, said it was a good thing the government was making e-liquid mandatory.

“I think it will reduce the risk of it being smuggled, but if it comes to market, it will be a huge opportunity for people to buy them online,” he said.

“[It] will also reduce the demand for smoking.”

Mr Hickey said e-pigs were a “huge opportunity” for the tobacco industry.

He said e cigs were already popular with young people who wanted something to smoke without having to go to the shops.

A study conducted by Dr Hickey found that the UK was “the second-most-popular smoking platform in the world” after China.

“I am quite confident that e-vapor sales will increase significantly in the next five years,” he added.

In the first quarter of this year, e-juice sales rose by a whopping 30 per cent to £13.8million.

But there are concerns about e-smoking being a gateway drug.

It is also possible that the increased popularity of e-Cigarettes will lead to e-Juice stores closing, which would further reduce demand.

According to the e-Liquids Association, e cig users in the UK consume a staggering 27 million bottles of e liquid per year.

If the government’s target is to reduce the consumption of e cigs, it may have to do a lot of work to do so.

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