e cigarette products are currently the most popular smokeless tobacco product worldwide, with sales of over $1 billion per year.

But a study published this week in the journal Tobacco Control, by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, found that, despite claims from manufacturers that they are safer than traditional cigarettes, the products they contain have actually been shown to be more harmful than tobacco.

The researchers conducted a meta-analysis of data from over 40,000 studies, including randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of various e cigarette types, including traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

They found that the use of e-cigarette products by smokers has been linked to a variety of negative outcomes including increased rates of cancer, premature death, and premature birth, as well as a higher risk of lung cancer and heart disease.

According to the authors, these findings support the idea that “most of the health benefits associated with e-cigs could be obtained without harm to smokers.”

For their study, the researchers analyzed data from more than 10,000 observational studies, with data collected in 2015, and compared the results with those of existing scientific literature.

Their findings suggest that e-cig use may lead to significant increases in cigarette smoking, even if users are able to quit.

The study authors note that the findings are consistent with the conclusion of a meta, which found that cigarette smokers who switched to e- cigarettes had a higher smoking prevalence, as measured by the percentage of people who reported that they smoked regularly.

This finding was consistent with previous research showing that switching to e cigarettes is associated with increased odds of cigarette use and death, but it was inconsistent with the conclusions of a large recent study on e-smoking.

The authors conclude that they found evidence of an association between e- cigarette use among smokers and the risk of developing cancer.

The finding of an increased risk of cancer among smokers who used e-Cigs raises the question of how and when e-liquids should be marketed to people who might otherwise not use them.

According to the study authors, “the lack of rigorous research on the use and harms of e cigarettes has left consumers in a difficult position, given that they cannot predict whether e-liquid products they use might lead to cancer.

Consumers should have access to information about the risks and benefits of e nicotine products and how to make informed decisions about their choices.”

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