If you’re a regular reader of the ABC News app, you’ll know that the new e-cigarette “starter pack” has been a huge hit in Australia.

So much so, the ABC has been running an advertisement that reads: “Try these e-cigs and you’ll be hooked”.

It goes on to say: “Just make sure you buy the starter pack first.”

If you have a disposable cigarette, the ad tells you that it is “about $3 less than a pack of cigarettes” and it will help you quit smoking.

In fact, the cost of the e-cig starter pack is $6.50 cheaper than a cigarette.

But you won’t be buying anything by the time you reach the end of this story.

For $7, the starter kit comes with a pack that is a lot cheaper than cigarettes and also has more nicotine.

But it also comes with some other bells and whistles, like the ability to use a “battery” to recharge the e (like you’d use a cigarette), a refillable e-juice container, and a disposable carton for the e juice.

The only thing missing is the cigarette pack.

This is because the “starter kit” is the only way to buy a disposable e-liquid.

It is also the only reason that some people have been able to buy disposable cigarettes in Australia at all.

“A lot of people buy them in bulk and they’re sold in packs of five or six,” Dr Leighton says.

“And those packs of cigarettes that they buy are actually less expensive than the starter packs.”

So you could theoretically buy a pack or two of e-liquids for $3.00, buy a battery, and save $6 a pack.

But then you would have to pay for the starter kits.

But that would mean you would also have to purchase the batteries and refillable cartons that come with it.

So if you were thinking about buying a pack, you might want to consider the price tag.

“If you’re not going to get a starter kit, then you might as well go with cigarettes,” Dr Prentis says.

He recommends getting the starter package for a disposable product that is cheaper than smoking a pack and then buying an e-smoker instead.

“It’s a bit like a hybrid e-carton and cigarette pack, where you have the cigarette-free option and you have to buy the cigarette.

That’s a really good option for some people.”

And while e-Cigarette is currently on sale in Australia, Dr Leiggs says it is unlikely that it will ever be able to replace cigarettes as a form of tobacco.

But Dr Leightson thinks that e-Smokers may eventually overtake cigarettes as the primary form of smoking cessation.

He says that e cigarettes may be the future of smoking.

“We may see e-smoking become the primary way of quitting smoking as soon as 2025,” he says.

Dr Leiverson says the future is not just about how much nicotine you inhale.

He also thinks that the e cig can be a much safer alternative to traditional tobacco.

“I think e-vaping may actually be a better alternative to tobacco than tobacco, and in fact the e cigarette is probably safer than the tobacco cigarette in terms of risk factors and how it is absorbed and dispersed,” he said.

But there are also some problems with the e Cigarette.

Dr Pritchard says that the battery may not be strong enough to keep an e cigarette going for long.

“The battery may be too small, the battery can get too hot, and the battery won’t last long,” he explains.

But if you’re buying a disposable, the nicotine may be better absorbed through the skin.

Dr Lyle agrees, saying that the disposable e cigarette may be safer than traditional cigarettes.

“They may have more nicotine in them, and they don’t contain the same chemicals in them that tobacco does, and it doesn’t contain those chemicals that have been linked to heart disease,” he adds.

But he also thinks there are some concerns about e cigarettes.

He points out that there are a lot of studies about the risks of e cigarettes, and some have found that they may increase the risk of cancer.

And Dr Perthes agrees that the nicotine content of e cigs is lower than that of traditional cigarettes, which means that it may not make you feel any different.

“For people who don’t like nicotine, I think it’s probably going to be more of a deterrent to use tobacco,” he warns.

“But I do think there are people who are going to buy e cig because they don,t like nicotine.”

Dr Leigh agrees, and says that if you have an allergy to nicotine, then e cigarettes might be an appealing option.

“There is also some evidence that e cig use may actually help people with cancer because it reduces the risk that they

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