A colleague has described his friend as “a complete addict” of e-cigarettes and told him they are a “major cause of death” in New Zealand.

Professor Michael Knauss told Stuff he was shocked and “extremely angry” at his colleague’s comments.

He said that when they met in September, his friend had “turned from being a friend and a colleague into an addiction”.

He described him as having “an extremely high nicotine intake”.

“He was also very vocal in his support for e-cigarette use and had a strong desire to try it himself,” Professor Knaus said.

“We decided we wanted to go on a research trip to Europe, and we thought we would go for a while and see what happened.”

Professor Knauses’ colleague is currently in hospital.

Dr Nick Giese, a toxicologist and epidemiologist at the University of Canterbury, said that the comments were “completely ridiculous” and he was “not sure if he had a point”.

Dr Gieses research group has identified more than 2,000 cases of e, e-cig and e-liquid related deaths in New England, and he said it was “absolutely appalling” that such a person was able to say something so ignorant.

E-cigarette and vaping are both unregulated products that are not regulated by Health New Zealand or any other regulatory body, and have been labelled as a public health hazard by the Government.

The e-cigs contain nicotine and nicotine salts, which are not harmful, Professor Gies has said.

But Professor Krauss said the research group had not found evidence that e-vapor was linked to smoking.

In a statement, Professor Krum said he was surprised and disappointed that the comment made by Professor Gries was accepted by his friend.

“[He] had expressed concern about the risks of vaping and expressed the view that it was harmful,” he said.

“However, he had also expressed a desire to see the research done and to learn more about its efficacy.”

Professor Krauses statement read:”As the only known known case of an individual who has died from an exposure to e-liquids as a result of e cigarette exposure, my colleague has the duty and responsibility to provide the best evidence available to him and the New Zealand public.”

A spokesperson for the Government said it would not comment on individual cases of an e-conversion.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health said it had no further comment.

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