By Kate MooneyIn the past few years, e-cigarette manufacturers and distributors have grown rapidly, with brands popping up in the United States, including the brands of JOYC, Njoy, and Vapeva.

Now, a new group of e-cig makers has taken up the mantle of the best, most affordable e-cigs in the country, as well as the best way to buy them.

These companies, all of which are owned by the same parent company, have each launched their own brand-specific lines.

The best e-liquids are the ones you buy in a retail storeIf you want to get the best bang for your buck on your favorite e-liquid, you’ll want to look to a retail outlet like a pharmacy or health food store.

If you’re looking to save money on the cost of buying your favorite flavors, a vape shop or e-shop may be a better bet.

There are a few brands that specialize in just that—such as Flavor Aid, Freedom E-Liquid, and Wicked e-Liquids—but the bulk of the e-juice brands out there are available at a variety of retail outlets.

And some of the brands offer more value than others.

If your goal is to save as little as possible on your purchase, it’s worth going to a vape store, but the brands you buy at the vape shop may not be worth your while.

The brands that are the best deal are the more affordable ones.

Here are the top 10 e-Cig brands by retail price: e-Juice BrandsBest e-Liquid Brands e-Vapor Brands Best E-Cigs e-E-Juices e-Drums e-RTA E-LasersE-Cup e-Sticks e-Nova e-SpoonsE-Epsom-O-Meter e-Toys e-Skins e-Olive e-Whipped CreamE-Tubes e-Snus e-Smokes e-Percussion E-Vapes Best EJig BrandsBest E-Juicers e-Hemp E-Tobacco e-Meadows E-PipesE-Stuff e-Shisha E-StaxE-VapeBest VaporizersBest Ejuice Brands eVapor E-Shapes eVape E-Stones e-Bamboo e-Leaf E-EzioE-Sciences E-JigsBest VapesBest ELiquid Brands Best VaporizersE-Liquid e-Coil e-Electric e-Wet e-GustoE-Labs E-Kanthal E-MosaicsE-Nectar e-Maxx E-Oops e-Pure E-Smoke E-ScreensBest EJuices Best Vapor ProductsBest eJuices, eJuice Packs, and E-juices Best BrandsBest Vape BrandsBest Vapor Products Best Juice BrandsBest Juice PacksBest Juice Pack Best Vapes Best Vaping Best Vapors Best ProductsBest BrandsBest FlavorsBest Flavored ProductsBest Flavoured Products, eCig, Juice, E-cigarettesBest Flavours, EJuice, Ejuices, Flavors, Flavoured E-liquidBest Flavour Products, Flavours Best ELiquid, E Liquid, E Juice, Flavored E-likesBest E LiquidsBest Juice Flavors Best Vape Flavors E-Fruit Flavors BEST e-Jig Products Best E Juice ProductsBest E Juice FlavoursBest Flavourized E-Drinks Best eCigs Best eJuiced ProductsBest Products Best eLiquid Flavors

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