E-cigarettes are now widely used by thousands of people in the UK.

There are hundreds of thousands of smokers who have tried e-cigs and found they were very addictive.

And now, according to the British Lung Foundation, the UK is seeing a dramatic rise in cases of tobacco poisoning.

The charity says this has been fuelled by the growth of e-cigarette companies.

They are now selling e-liquid that is also known as a “tobacco cigarette” or “cigar”.

It’s a mixture of tobacco and nicotine that is delivered to the user by heating it.

It’s also made from tobacco and contains many chemicals that are carcinogenic.

But what’s in e-cig liquid?

How much nicotine is in it?

Are there any health risks?

The British Lung foundation has been monitoring e-vapor since 2010.

Its team of experts from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and Royal College Health (RCH) have now completed a study of all the ingredients in the liquid.

The RCP is one of the organisations that has been working closely with the UK government to regulate e-smoking.

The study looked at four different types of e and nicotine liquids.

It found that there are five different types: “flavour”, “flavorings”, “liquids”, “liquidisers”, and “tamper-resistant” or tamper-proof.

“Flavour” is the liquid in which the tobacco is mixed.

It contains a mixture from about 20% nicotine and about 20.5% flavouring.

The flavourings are made up of flavouring compounds such as menthol, vanilla, and lemon, as well as flavours such as strawberry, strawberry jam, and citrus.

“Fruit” is a liquid used to flavour the tobacco.

It is also mixed with other flavouring substances such as flavouring chemicals such as nicotine, menthol and lemon.

The liquid used for “tampons” is also blended with the flavouring of the tobacco, and is mixed with a mixture made from flavouring and other ingredients.

“Liquids” are the liquid that is inhaled by a user.

They consist of about 20 to 30% nicotine, about 5 to 10% flavoured and about 5% tamper resistant.

“Liquidisers” are liquids which contain flavouring but are tamper proof.

They also contain nicotine and flavouring ingredients, but are not tamper protected.

The last type of liquid used in e cigarettes is called “targets”.

These are the liquids that are sold as “tanks” or tanks.

They contain nicotine, flavouring, and other chemicals.

The Royal College and the RCP say these liquids are the most commonly consumed.

They have found that for every 50 ml of e liquid consumed, about 1.5 ml of tobacco vapour is produced.

But these liquids can contain a lot of toxins.

Some are toxic to animals.

Some contain carcinogenic chemicals.

And some can cause cancer.

“The British Lung’s study shows that there is an immediate and clear risk of lung cancer and other health effects if e-liquors are consumed,” said Dr Chris Smith, the chair of the RCH.

The researchers also found that the chemicals in the liquids were harmful to humans.

The most toxic chemicals are: nicotine – up to 3,000 times more toxic than cigarette smoke.

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