A new report says e-cigarettes are healthier, but they aren’t necessarily better than traditional cigarettes, even though some experts have suggested they are.

The report from researchers at Oxford University and the University of Pennsylvania finds that the vast majority of e-cigarette smokers are healthy and that they’re more likely to quit smoking than traditional cigarette smokers.

But the report warns that “it’s still unclear whether e-cigs can replace traditional cigarettes as the smoking cessation tool of choice.”

That’s because there is still “an urgent need for effective interventions to reduce smoking and improve quality of life.”

Here are five reasons why the report matters:1.

E-cigarettes are healthier and more convenientThe study, published in the journal Tobacco Control, found that the majority of smokers who switched to e-cig brands quit smoking as compared to a similar proportion of smokers in traditional cigarettes.

That’s not surprising given that most of the research on the health effects of e and vaping has focused on conventional cigarettes.

But it is a key finding, because it means that e-vapor can be considered “less harmful” than conventional cigarettes, which are widely used in Europe.

This means that it can help smokers quit.

And the researchers found that e cigs were “more effective” at reducing nicotine and other harmful chemicals than conventional tobacco.

“E-cigarettes have become a gateway to quitting smoking,” said lead author Dr. J. Craig Venter, a professor at Oxford’s Department of Preventive Medicine.

“The best evidence to date suggests that they are safer than conventional nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs), but there is little evidence that they can replace conventional cigarettes.”2.

E cigs are cheaper than traditional cigsA second study published in Tobacco Control found that most e-liquid sold in stores in the US costs less than regular cigarettes.

It also found that nearly half of the e-juice consumers buy in their own homes, while the other half buy it online.

In the US, this compares with about 30 percent of cigarette smokers and 25 percent of traditional cigarette users.3.

E cigarettes are less harmfulThe study also found “that the vast bulk of people who use e-mixtures in their home or shop do so for a short-term fix and not to replace cigarettes,” according to the researchers.

This suggests that e cigarettes “may have more potential as a quitting tool” compared to traditional cigarettes because they can be smoked for a shorter time without triggering negative side effects.4.

E e cig’s health benefits are greater than the health risksThe study found that there was “little evidence” that e cigarette users were at risk for developing lung cancer or other health conditions that are linked to smoking.

But these results were “not surprising given the vast number of studies on e-smokers.”5.

E cigarette’s are healthierthan traditional cigarettesSome of the most popular e-liquids on the market today contain nicotine.

In addition, some e-tobacco brands also contain ingredients that could make them less harmful.

But many e-colas are also “nicotine-free,” which means they contain no nicotine at all.

That means that they contain less harmful chemicals and can be sold in much smaller quantities than traditional tobacco.

And because they don’t contain tobacco, they don and can cost less than cigarettes.

There are other reasons why e-buzz is important, too.

A recent survey of over 2,000 people by the Pew Research Center found that Americans believe that e e-commerce and online sales are “more relevant” than traditional sales.

In particular, they’re increasingly concerned about e-buying and using, which is why the Pew survey found that they were “tensely divided” about e e cig sales.

“They are not only buying less, they are also buying less and less frequently, which could potentially put them at increased risk for the spread of smoking-related diseases,” said Pew researcher Daniel S. Gershoff.

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