Posted November 18, 2019 09:08:51 A new law in Australia that requires electronic cigarettes to have health warnings and limits their production and sale has been met with some scepticism.

The Government says e-cigs can be harmful to smokers, but many smokers argue that they are safe.

The laws are set to go into effect next month.

They are also the first in Australia to ban sales to minors, with all tobacco products banned from schools and other areas.

Some fear the new rules will lead to a drop in tobacco use.

The new laws will mean all cigarette packs will have to have a health warning, and can only be sold in licensed tobacco shops.

They will also mean the sale of all e-liquids and vapor products will have the same restrictions.

What you should know about e -cigarettes, e -vapor, e-liquid, e cigarette govt, e cig, e cigarettes source The Australian Capital Territory article Posted December 15, 2019 08:30:13 The Federal Government has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Australian Industry Group (AIG) to create the first Australian-based company to develop and manufacture a vaping device.

The deal is worth $600 million.

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union has welcomed the news.

The agreement is good for Australian businesses, says its President Tim Winton.

The AIG will provide the technology and supply chain expertise, including manufacturing, sales, distribution and service.

“The agreement has significant potential to further Australian innovation in the field of vaping,” he said.

The deal was announced at the launch of the Australian Manufacturing Summit in Adelaide. “

The AIG is a strong player in the Australian market and I’m very pleased that the Government has taken the initiative to make this a reality.”

The deal was announced at the launch of the Australian Manufacturing Summit in Adelaide.

In July, AIG announced it would fund three companies in the industry to create a new product for e-cig use.

There are about 20 manufacturers in the world, with Australia having about 60 per cent of the world’s production capacity.

More than 80 per cent do not have access to the FDA’s approval process for manufacturing and selling vaping products, and there are concerns about the safety of these devices.

E-cigarettes are not designed to be smoked, but they contain nicotine and can be inhaled.

The FDA requires devices to be kept in a cool, dark place and have warnings that clearly state that they contain no tobacco, and contain no combustion products.

But some say the warning is misleading, and could make vaping a gateway to tobacco smoking.

Some of the new products that have been announced are: Newport, a cigar that is made by the Australian Tobacco Association, which has about 300 employees in Australia and overseas.

It is the only cigar made by an Australian tobacco company that is not made in the United States.

Newsmax, a tobacco product that is available in two flavors: white and black.

At the launch, Newsmax founder Steve Dickson said the new product was designed for users looking to try something new, and not a traditional cigarette.

He said the company’s goal was to introduce a product that would appeal to both casual and long-term smokers.

We don’t think it’s going to be a replacement for cigarettes, he said, but it’s a great way to kickstart a new habit.

While the announcement of the tobacco companies, it has been confirmed that the Newsmix cigar will be available in New Zealand and Australia.

Sydney Smoke, a brand based in Tasmania, is making a cigar in partnership with Australian tobacco manufacturer, S&M.

Australia’s first e-vapor shop is due to open next month, with plans to open in Melbourne.

Other Australian companies that are expected to enter the market include: Vapox, a maker of liquid nicotine products.

It is expected to launch in October, with more locations to be announced.

Tobacco company Lorillard, with around 60 employees in Melbourne, has already opened its first Australian office.

Cigar maker La Quinta, which makes cigars, cigars, lighters, and other tobacco products, has also announced plans to launch its first local site in December.

Retailer, SNS Group, has been expanding its retail distribution operations.

Australian company, Vapor, is also expected to be launching in Australia.

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