California’s Department of Food and Agriculture has announced a $2.3 million grant to help fund the development of an e-cig program for children in California, with funding earmarked for mentoring programs and mentoring activities.

The announcement was made by Secretary of Agriculture Mike Klotz, who added that the program will allow children in disadvantaged communities to use a product they know and love and to grow up with the confidence and skills that come with mentorship.

“I am pleased that the Department of Agriculture has committed $2,715,000 for the mentoring and mentorship programs that will help these children build self-esteem and confidence, while developing their knowledge and skills in a safe, responsible and ethical manner,” Klotwisaid in a statement.

“By supporting these programs, we are helping to support families who need a support system that supports them in their learning, growth and social development.”

The Department of Public Health and the Department at Large are working with the California Department of Health and Human Services on the program, which will also serve as a model for other states.

The program will also provide mentoring opportunities for California’s first and second generation youth and adults.

In addition to mentoring, the program provides support to young people in low-income communities who want to develop their own ideas and learn to build their own businesses.

The funding will also be used to help support mentoring organizations to recruit and train mentee leaders in their communities.

“This program will be a model that other states can follow,” Klotsaid said.

“It is a model we want to emulate.

We will continue to support state efforts that are focused on mentoring in our schools and communities.”

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