By Tim O’Brien, TechRadars staff reporterTODAY, 11 August, 2020 12:37:18A new study published in the British Medical Journal shows that e-cigarettes could be a key to reducing the deaths from tobacco use, with some users actually smoking fewer cigarettes to quit.

In the study, published in The Lancet, researchers from the University of Cambridge and the University College London found that e‐cigarettes were as effective as regular cigarettes in reducing the number of people who die from smoking-related diseases, and helped prevent people from quitting altogether.

The researchers looked at a cohort of 7,000 smokers, who had completed the smoking questionnaire, as well as an online survey that was taken in February 2019.

They found that the e‐cigarette users had a lower risk of smoking-induced mortality compared with smokers who did not use e-cigarette products.

The study also found that vaping products can be a good way to help smokers quit by reducing their craving for cigarettes.

The authors of the study wrote that it was not known whether e-cig users were healthier than cigarette smokers because it was a “comparative” study, which means that the researchers are comparing smokers and non-smokers.

However, they stressed that the results were a preliminary one, and they noted that it would be important to do further research to understand the exact effects of e-cigs on smoking cessation.

Dr Tim Oveley, the senior author on the study and an epidemiologist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, said the findings “underscore the potential of e‐cigs for helping to reduce the number and severity of deaths from smoking in the UK”.

He said the research was particularly encouraging because e-smoking is currently associated with high rates of premature mortality.

“We know that people who have smoked are less likely to quit,” Dr Ovelyne said.

“But for some reason, if they’re given the option of quitting, they’re not really interested.”

Dr Oveyley said he believed that e‑cigarettes could play a role in helping people quit because of the way in which they act as a substitute for smoking.

“You can’t smoke cigarettes anymore.

So they’re an opportunity to have an alternative to tobacco,” he said.

However the researchers warned that the findings do not prove that e–cigarettes were the answer to smoking-cessation.

“It’s too early to say that it’s a silver bullet, it’s still a bit of a long way off,” Dr Lachlan Kelly, the study’s lead author and a research associate at the University Health Network (UHN), said.

Dr Kelly said the study had shown that the use of e–cigarette products could have a significant impact on smokers’ health, but that it still needed to be done more rigorously to see whether e–cigs would reduce the smoking-causing effects of smoking.

Dr Ovenley said that the study was important because it highlighted the importance of tobacco control.

“The evidence suggests that if we could reduce the harm from smoking, then it might help prevent the harm caused by smoking,” he explained.

The study found that smokers who tried e-liquid were actually significantly less likely than non-users to smoke daily.”

We’re still looking at the evidence, and we’re working on it.”

The study found that smokers who tried e-liquid were actually significantly less likely than non-users to smoke daily.

They were also more likely to smoke within the past three months, and their use of the products was associated with a lower number of smoking related deaths.

Dr Terence McArthur, an Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology at the School of Public Health and Social Policy at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said that e cigarettes were important, because they are cheaper, and because they could help smokers who already had tobacco.

“E-cigarettes have a relatively small market.

In contrast, smoking is still the leading cause of preventable death in the world,” Dr McArthur said.

“They’re an attractive alternative to smoking, but we still need to find out if e-colas actually do more harm than good.”

He said that it may be that the more e-flavoured flavours the e-juice was, the more smokers wanted to try them, and the less they wanted to smoke.

“These flavours could be helpful in reducing smokers’ craving for tobacco products and thus reducing smoking-like behaviours, such as smoking,” Dr MacArthur said in a statement.

Dr McArthur also said that, in addition to reducing smoking, it would also be important for the public to know more about the health effects of tobacco.

He said he was concerned that some e-vapor brands had failed to report how many people in their study had used the e–juice, which could be misleading.

“There is a lot of information about the risks of e‑cigarette use

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