The first e-cigarette is now banned in the United States, but there’s still hope.

The American Medical Association says e-cigarettes are not tobacco products, and that the devices pose a danger to public health.

And it’s been banned by the Food and Drug Administration, which issued a warning in July.

The FDA said the devices can increase the risk of smoking-related diseases.

“While we strongly support the right of smokers to use e-cigs for their health, we are not able to recommend the use of these devices for smoking cessation,” said Dr. David Kessler, FDA commissioner.

“We have not received enough scientific data on their safety and effectiveness to justify a final regulatory decision.”

It’s not a surprise that e-cig bans have fallen since a 2012 federal appeals court ruling.

But in recent years, the public health community has started to get serious about vaping.

The American Lung Association said in June it was considering whether to add e-Cigarette to its list of products that can help people quit.

That’s what led Dr. Steven Zappala, an associate professor of health policy at the Harvard School of Public Health, to take a deep dive into the data and the public opinion.

He has been trying to answer the question of whether e-liquid products like e-juice and e-tobacco products, such as cigarette lighters and menthol cigarette licks, are dangerous, for at least a couple of decades.

“If there’s a big public health problem, it has to be addressed through regulation,” Zappallas told ABC News.

He’s also worked to change public attitudes about vaping and to convince people to quit.

“The data has to support a regulation,” he said.

“There’s no magic bullet.

But if we want to move the needle, we need to move public opinion.”

Zappallis findings, published in the journal Addiction, say e-smokers should switch to quitting, not just the e-liquids.

But the researchers say that’s not going to happen overnight.

They found that for every person who said they had quit using e-dab, about 20 quit using other tobacco products.

The researchers also looked at the risk for e-smoking in non-smoking smokers and found that about one in four of them was a smoker.

And in a separate study, Zappalas team looked at how long smokers were smoking compared to nonsmokers.

They found that the average smoker smoked for about four years before quitting.

That suggests the risk is relatively low, Zoppallas said.

It’s hard to say how long e-vapor will last in the long term.

But Zappas and his colleagues say they are starting to see a gradual shift in the public’s attitude.

They’ve also been studying the effects of e-flavors on smokers, such that nicotine may be an even bigger threat than tobacco to e-concern.

And it’s not just e-nicotine that’s a problem.

Zappalis team also found that smokers who started using eCigs may not have switched to other tobacco or nicotine products that were more addictive.

So far, there’s no conclusive evidence that the FDA has banned e-buzz, a new vaping product that has a different flavor, but has not been approved by the FDA yet.

But Dr. Richard Wahlstrom, a professor of medicine at Emory University, told ABC news that the potential for nicotine to cause cancer and other health problems is real.

“Nicotine is a carcinogen, and there’s some evidence that it’s a possible cause of lung cancer,” he told ABC.

“It’s a really big problem.”

But Dr. Robert Lustig, a tobacco control expert at Johns Hopkins University, said that he doesn’t see a lot of smoking deaths that have been linked to eCigarettes.

He also pointed out that eCIGs are still not regulated as a tobacco product in the U.S.

And even if e- cigarettes are banned, it’s still a risky business.

Dr. Robert Hahn, the chief medical officer at the American Lung Foundation, told USA Today that the eCiggarettes could be the next big thing.

“We’re going to see e-colas, e-masks, e.g., a new generation of cigarettes,” he predicted.

“It’s going to be a huge change.”

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