As the battle over e cigarettes continues, a group of American health officials has come up with an idea to help smokers quit.

A micro e cigarette that can be used as a substitute for traditional cigarettes has received FDA approval.

The FDA approved the device, dubbed Vuse, on Wednesday and it can be manufactured by anyone with an existing supply of disposable tobacco.

The device has a portable charger that can charge a portable battery that’s plugged into a smartphone, tablet or other device, the FDA said in a statement.

It’s hoped that Vuse can reduce the number of cigarettes that are smoked by 20 percent, and save the equivalent of more than 3,000 premature deaths per year, the agency said.

The agency did not provide a cost estimate.

Vuse uses a micro battery that is attached to a battery that holds a small cartridge of nicotine.

The battery can hold about 0.15 milligrams of nicotine per puff, or about the same amount as a pack of cigarettes, according to the FDA.

Varee also comes with a USB cable and a disposable cartridge that can store the nicotine.

It costs $199, or $299 for the cartridge and the micro battery.

The Vuse device can be purchased for $149.99 from and from the e-cigarette website

It has also been endorsed by the American Lung Association, a nonprofit advocacy group that promotes the health of people who use tobacco.VUSE will be available for purchase at Vuse outlets nationwide.

Vose was launched in 2012 by Michael O’Leary, a professor of chemistry at Penn State University.

It’s a battery-powered device that has a small cartridges that hold the nicotine, which is extracted from tobacco plant parts.

It can be inserted into a mouthpiece to inhale.

The cartridge can also be inserted in a tube or a tube with a plastic mouthpiece, and the tube can hold more nicotine than a regular cigarette.

Vape, the brand behind the Vuse devices, said in its website that it started with the idea of bringing the convenience of smoking to those who were unable to quit traditional cigarettes.

The e-cigarettes that have already been approved by the FDA have been sold at about 50,000 outlets across the United States, according the FDA website.

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